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Top 10 Fun and Funny Stocking Stuffers for Age 50+

If you’re over 50, your holiday wish list probably looks a lot different than the ones kids send to Santa. What are fun yet practical gifts to give to the seniors in your life? Shel offers her top ten stocking stuffers for those of us who have put our first half-century behind us, and the hilarious quinbloits they relate to.

What Gen Xers Need to Know as They Prepare to Become Seniors

Gen Xers are rebels and creatives, techies and teachers. So it may be hard for them to face the quirks of old age that sometimes slow us down. Shel offers a funny take on the things we all tend to do as we get older: from losing our glasses (that are sitting on top of our head) to turning down the volume on the car radio so that we can see better.

15 Surprising Things You’ll Experience After 50 (and the Hilarious New Names for Them)

Did you INJUNKLE last night (read instructions on the food box, confidently throw it away, then retrieve it from the trash seconds later to recheck the instructions)? Are you frustrated by JIGGELBITZ (the ongoing movement that occurs when you come to a sudden stop and parts of your body don’t)? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you’re probably over 50. With her “quinbloits,” wacky invented words that capture the aging process perfectly, Shel shares the humor she’s found in moving past middle age

A Divorce Attorney’s Relationship Tips (So You Can Stay out of Her Office)

Shel knows that if marriages stay strong it could put her out of business as a divorce lawyer. “So put me out of business!” She says. “I’ll find something else to do.” Shel uses her expertise in what dissolves marriages to give tips that help keep them together.

10 Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom if You’re Over 50

From fierce toenail clippers to a magnifier mirror, Shel shares the top ten things we all should have handy in the bathroom as we get older.

A Divorce Attorney’s Tips for Maintaining a Happy Marriage After Retirement

Many marriages coast along for years with full-time work and raising kids playing major roles in the family dynamic. What happens when it’s time to retire and each person has a very different idea of what life will now look like? Shel uses her expertise as a divorce lawyer and humorist to offer tips for maintaining a happy marriage after retirement.

Instead of Being Sad About Getting Older, Have a Good Chuckle With These “Quinbloits” That Capture the 50+ Experience

Many people find getting older depressing. As we pass 50, we may start assessing our lives (and bodies) with a critical eye. But author and humorist Shel wants us to laugh. Her “quinbloits,” wacky invented words that perfectly capture the experience of aging, switch out the sadness for smiles.

De-Stress With These Blasts From the Past

Make reducing stress more fun by using these blasts from the past. You don’t have to spend big bucks to get big relief. Go retro and try blowing bubbles, playing with Silly Putty, or crafting some characters out of Play-Doh.

3 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Make (and Keep)

New Year’s resolutions often fail to inspire us to stop our bad habits for more than a few days. Shel offers new-and-improved resolutions outside of the physical health category to inspire us all year long. These include keeping a jar where you drop-in notes throughout the year to commemorate highlights: great moments, events, and thoughts.

Stop Trying to Save People Who Don’t Want to Be Saved

Many of us try to save friends and family members who don’t want to be saved. We give them career advice, lend them money, or suggest they break up with an unsupportive partner. Yet they often repeat their patterns. Shel suggests that the best thing to do is to stop doing anything. Let those friends and family hit their bottoms and find their own way out. You’ll save yourself in the process.

For Those of Us Who Are 50 and Over, Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Most of us enjoy a good chuckle. But did you know that laughter actually relieves stress? According to the Mayo Clinic, a good laugh stimulates many organs, activates and relieves your stress response, and soothes tension. So laugh at getting older; it could improve your health!

10 Ideas to Care for the Caregiver

Whether someone you know is caring for aging parents, special needs children, or friends with health challenges, providing care for another can take a toll on the caregiver. Most of us know someone who is responsible for the substantial care of another person. Shel shares ten ideas to give your favorite caregiver a break and put a smile on his or her face.
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